• to contribute to the definition of best practices with our partners (customers, suppliers, employees, etc.)
  • to improve our employees' working conditions
  • to acquire economic durability while protecting resources for future generations
  • to promote our civic responsibility by supporting the United Nations Global Compact.

Deployment of communication

To encourage adhesion, by our partners, sub-contractors and suppliers, to our sustainable development commitments;
To involve all employees in sustainable development;
To broaden our scope of communication with government, associations, neighbours, etc.


Equity and Safety in the workplace

To develop our employees' skills without discrimination, and to promote their social and civic autonomy;
To promote the improvement of personal health and safety;
To ensure that our facilities conform to applicable regulations and to anticipate future standards.



PIERCAN includes sustainable development in each of its activities.
In particular, a technical study is conducted to eliminate any toxic materials, including lead, present in gloves (radiology gloves). In order to conduct this ecodesign project successfully, a workgroup integrating the main concerns of each concerned party was created.

The main concerns for each party are taken into consideration:
- Improvement of working conditions (exposed operators, CRAM (Regional health insurance fund) agents, Occupational physician, HSWCC members)
- Elimination of products hazardous to health (Labour Inspectorate)
- Elimination of products hazardous to the environment (DRIRE (Regional industry, research and environmental authority inspector)
- Product compliant with customer requirements (ordering parties, end users)
- Ecodesign boards (ADEME)

This analysis method should enable PIERCAN to achieve a global and responsible approach to many other projects...