Company presentation


The company PIERCAN was created in 1948, at that time it specialised in the production of surgical gloves and natural rubber technical parts.

In 1979, the plant moved to PORT EN BESSIN. The company then employed 45 people.


1995 : Creation of the PIERCAN USA subsidiary, based in SAN DIEGO.

In 1997 PIERCAN obtains ISO9002 certification (1997 version).

In 2003 PIERCAN obtains ISO9001 certification (2003 version).

Between 2003 and 2008, the company's sales revenue increased by 70%, currently reaching more than 8 million €, with some hundredemployees for France.

PIERCAN is currently the leading company in the field of glove box gauntlets


Currently, Sustainable Development represents the genuine permanent basis of PIERCAN's policy. Several years ago, PIERCAN joined with several other Basse Normandie companies in a Sustainable Development approach. Commitment and partnership agreements were signed in this respect with a number of major groups, such as AREVA.

January 2010: PIERCAN obtains ISO 14001 certification.

October 2010: 1st Open Day.